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Mobile Workshop

Below is the list of mobile worshop and here you can find the pdf with all the information:

#1. The Lido of Venice. A strip of land between contemporary challenges and its historical significance
#2. Exploring Porto Marghera: a guided tour across the industrial heritage and the Garden City
#3. Human drifting. A psycho-geographical dramaturgy
#4. Barene (performative action workshop)
#5. Walking on square. Performative promenade in Venice
#6. The Venetian foodscape between historical and current urban geographies
#7. The Arsenale in Venice. A site-visit to Arsenale Nord with a lecture on its history and main transformations
#8. A walk around the Piazza
#9. La Biennale di Venezia. Biennale Arte 2019
#10. In-depth study of the Mose project
#11. Friendly Co-Production: Exploring the Venice Lagoon with the Venetians
#12. A boat tour around Venice to discover its bridges
#13. Palladio’s architecture in Venice
#14. The double side of Venice. Mestre and its main urban transformations

It will be possible to register for mobile workshops only and exclusively through the registration form.
If you are already registered at the congress, please use your reserved area.
Otherwise, register at the congress here!